Die größte Täuschung aller Zeiten
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The Adolf Eichmann trial as the biggest scandal of the Federal Republic of Germany? [3:52]

1.1 Introduction [56:31]
1.1.1 Surrender of the military forces [57:07]
1.1.2 Imperial government does not sign peace treaties [58:16]
1.1.3 Here is Germany – propaganda film by the USA [1:00:03]
1.1.4 Quotes, documents, deeds & legislation [1:02:43] Nazification of Germans to the present day [1:08:39] Homeland – citizenship before 1933 [1:08:48] German citizenship from 1934 Adolf Hitler [1:09:46] Continuation of German citizenship from 1945 Adolf Hitler to the present day [1:14:02] Continuation of Adolf Hitler’s German citizenship by the “German Democratic Republic” (“GDR”) [1:18:45]

1.2 The state of the German Reich under international law continues to exist today [1:20:18]
1.2.1 Keynote speech to the Parliamentary Council on the founding of the FRG [1:20:24]
1.2.2 Quotations, documents, deeds & legislation [1:34:49] Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler (29.02.1988 – Tagesschau 24) [1:34:49] Quotes, documents, deeds & legislation [1:35:46]

1.3 RESULT DOCUMENTATION! from 1949 to the present day [1:43:02]
1.3.1 Termination of denazification in 1949 when the FRG was founded [1:43:11]
1.3.2 Administrations and courts are equipped by former National Socialists [1:43:30]
1.3.3 At the international press conference of the “Committee for German Unity” it is proved by the “GDR” that 600 Nazi lawyers are in the service of Adenauer [1:47:39] – HITLER’S JUSTICE IS NOW ALSO ADENAUER’S JUSTICE [1:48:06] FRG rejects clarification by “GDR” prosecutors [1:48:28] FRG rejects clarification by rejecting US documents [1:50:31] From Adenauer’s cabinet (1949) to Helmut Kohl’s cabinet, former NSDAP members sat in every German federal government [1:52:36]
1.3.4 Documentary: The Führer left – The Nazis stayed [1:53:06]
1.3.5 Quotes, documents, certificates & legislation [2:03:28] Helmut Schmidt on the Nazi past of Federal German politicians = complicity [2:03:28] Tagesschau of 8.5.2013 – Influence of ex-Nazis in federal ministries [2:05:08] List of former NSDAP members who were politically active after May 1945 [2:07:03]
1:3:5.4 Federal press conference: Angela Merkel on Nazi past and “Have we learned from history?” [2:08:23] ZDF news of 3.2.2012: “The Federal Republic as legal successor of the 3rd Reich (…)” [2:10:22] Documentary: Manhunt for private Nazi art collection in the FRG or art trade with Nazi artworks owned by the FRG, the legal successor of the Third Reich [2:10:26] Collection of Nazi devotional objects and the violation of the War Weapons Control Act [2:24:42] – The War Weapons Control Act as evidence of the validity of Allied occupation regulations in Germany [2:29:26]

1.4 Current Nazi legislation and application in Germany [2:29:37]

1.5 Statelessness through reform in the Nationality Act (STAG 1934) of 15 July 1999 [2:34:17]
1.5.1 Citations, documents, deeds & legislation [2:34:21]
1.5.2 Union citizenship means no citizenship = world citizenship = fascists’ New World Order [2:37:46]
1.5.3 Hologram of fascism [2:40:02]

1.6 The Potsdam Agreement [2:40:19]
1.6.1 Confiscated Nazi art – The USA invokes the valid Potsdam Agreement to this day [2:40:39]
1.6.2 The Basic Law and the Sovereignty of Germany – Art. 139 Basic Law [2:43:45] The wiretapping scandal [2:43:45] Egon Bahr on the sovereignty of Germany (1955 & 1990) [2:45:05] Wolfgang Schäuble on the sovereignty of Germany on 18.11.2011 at the EBC in Frankfurt a.M. [2:45:31] Ulrich Maurer “Die Linke” Germany is not a sovereign state and is in a post-war state [2:46:00] Gregor Gysi on the valid occupation statute [2:46:07] The FRG is a creation of the Allies [2:46:15] Gregor Gysi on secret agreements with the USA [2:46:24] Do the Allies still have the special rights… [2:46:55] Prof. Josef Foschepoth on the wiretapping scandal [2:47:42] BR on wiretapping journalists [2:51:56] Interview by Michael Vogt with Wolfgang Eggert [2:53:10] Interview with Willy Wimmer [2:57:15]

1.7 The so-called reunification [2:58:10]
1.7.1 Germany a colony of the USA? [2:58:10]
1.7.2 Expropriations and components of the Unification Treaty [2:59:46]
1.7.3 Carlo Schmid on 8.9.1948 [3:02:02]
1.7.4 Citations, documents, deed & legislation [3:03:14]

1.8 From 1990, full privatisation of the FRG to private-commercial companies [3:04:58]
1.8.1 Quotes, documents, deeds & legislation [3:05:01]
1.8.2 Helmut Schmidt (2012) all European states and economies are companies [3:07:15]
1.8.3 Sigmar Gabriel (SPD – 27.2.2010) “…Mrs Merkel is managing director of a new non-governmental organisation in Germany” [3:07:25]
1.8.4 Jürgen Trittin (2009) on the continuation of the company [3:07:48]
1.8.5 Quotes, documents, deeds & legislation [3:08:08]
1.8.6 Federal election law retroactively invalid from 1956 [3:11:18]

1.9 The Reichsbürger stigma/ideology [3:11:48]
1.9.1 Quotes, documents, deeds & legislation [3:12:05]
1.9.2 In the applause of Nazi party members, the last vestige of humanity dies [3:15:29]
1.9.3 Nazi criminal Hans Globke [3:15:58] FRG: Hans Globke – war criminal image in the Federal Chancellery [3:15:58] RT Deutsch – Federal Press Conference: Portrait of Nazi criminal Hans Globke still hangs in Chancellery [3:16:50] Documentation Nazi criminal Hans Globke in the Federal Chancellery [3:19:49] Quotes, documents, certificates & legislation [3:21:50] Nazi criminal Hans Globke at the war crimes tribunal in Nuremberg [3:22:05] The Cold War, the arms industry and Nazi criminal Hans Globke [3:22:45]

2.1 Introduction [3:26:07]
2.2 Quotes, documents, deeds & legislation [3:26:07]
2.2.1 Angela Merkel – “It’s about the right path for Europe…” [3:28:09]
2.2.2 Werner Daitz (documents): The way to a völkische Wirtschaft and a European Grossraumwirtschaft [3:28:57]
2.2.3 Euronews: Martin Schulz (SPD): “…Since 1925, the SPD has been calling for a United States of Europe…” [3:29:11]
2.2.4 Definition: Society for European Economic Planning and the Greater Economy [3:29:30]
2.2.5 Definition: Gleichschaltung [3:29:43]
2.2.6 Nazi/Cartel Coalition Master Plan – Template for the Brussels EU [3:29:51] Chapter 2 – Walter Hallstein: Prominent Nazi lawyer – and most important founder of the Brussels EU [3:29:51] Walter Hallstein (1901-1981) [3:29:56] Master of deception [3:30:15] The main founder of today’s Brussels EU [3:30:26] Hallstein – “truer” of the Nazi laws [3:31:18] Hallstein – architect of a new Europe [3:31:33] IG Farben (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst) under control of the Nazi/cartel coalition [3:31:53] Training the elite for the next world conquest [3:32:11] Hallstein and the Nazi “new language” [3:32:30] The legal unity of Greater Germany [3:33:01] 1957 to 2009 – “Leadership Principle [3:33:20] Hallstein’s “Conquest Speech” 1939 [3:33:38] Hallstein’s internal “support team” for the conquest of Europe with the help of the Brussels EU [3:34:08] Hallstein’s external “support team” to conquer Europe with the help of the Brussels EU [3:34:23] Hallstein’s “conquest speech” in 1939 [3:34:51] The European Coal and Steel Community 1951: The slow build-up of the cartel dictatorship [3:35:27] Hallstein’s “conquest speech” 1939 [3:35:53] Hallstein: Most important founder of the Western European Defence Community [3:36:21] Hallstein’s “Conquest Speech” 1939 [3:36:51] The introduction of the “Treaties of Rome” [3:37:33] Hallstein’s “Conquest Speech” 1939 [3:37:59] The creation of “EURATOM” [3:38:26] Hallstein’s “Conquest Speech” 1939 [3:38:52] A war criminal as chairman of BAYER [3:39:19] Hallstein’s “Conquest Speech” 1939 [3:39:45] The signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957 [3:40:14] Hallstein’s “conquest speech” 1939 [3:40:41] The choice of Brussels as the seat of the Cartel Politburo [3:41:09] Hallstein’s “conquest speech” 1939 [3:40:35] Appointed head of the first “EU Commission” [3:42:10] Hallstein’s “Conquest Speech” 1939 [3:42:39] Founder of 21st Century Cartel Coercion [3:43:16] The Nazis’ “Four-Year Plan” Authority / IG Farben: Model for the EU Commission [3:44:19] The Cartel’s “Economic Government” 1936 to 1945: The Four-Year Plan Authority [3:44:48] The “economic government” of the cartel – today: the Brussels EU [3:45:07] Hallstein’s “Conquest Speech” 1939 [3:46:03] No one can say, “I knew nothing about it!” | Hallstein – The European Community [3:46:40]

2.3 Lecture – The Pharma Cartel and the Hallstein Plan (Dr. Rath) [3:47:00]
2.3.1 The three steps of the world conquest plans of the chemical-pharmaceutical cartel [3:47:00]
2.3.2 A BASF patent (1910): “Making bombs (TNT) out of air” [3:47:59]
2.3.3 The producers of the first poison gas [3:49:42]
2.3.4 1926: Foundation of the IG Farben cartel – board of directors calls itself the “Council of the Gods” [3:50:39]
2.3.5 IG Farben prepares the 2nd attempt of the pharmaceutical-chemical cartel to conquer the world [3:51:46]
2.3.6 Legal chief planner of post-war Europe under Nazi/IG Farben coalition rule [3:52:30]
2.3.7 1939: Hallstein makes public plans for a Europe under Nazi/IG Farben rule [3:53:14]
2.3.8 WW2 was a 6-year military “marketing campaign” aimed at capturing the world chemical/pharmaceutical market for IG Farben – profit over millions of lives [3:54:16]
2.3.9 Patented BAYER pharmaceutical preparations – especially new “chemo” substances – are tested on thousands of concentration camp inmates [3:55:27]
2.3.10 Patent owner of the “chemotherapy” substances tested in Auschwitz was… [3:56:40]
2.3.11 BAYER pharmaceutical publication (1936): And tomorrow the whole world belongs to us! [3:57:11]
2.3.12 “General Plan East” defines the rest of Europe and the world as “have-nots” [3:57:30]
2.3.13 IG Farben’s patent strategy for the “European Empire” [3:57:58]
2.3.14 US Chief Prosecutor Telford Taylor at Nuremberg Tribunal: “Without IG Farben, World War 2 would not have been possible.” [3:58:53]
2.3.15 BASF/BAYER/HOECHS (IG Farben) “Merchants of Death” [3:59:12]
2.3.16 Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal 1947/48 [3:59:50]
2.3.17 BAYER director Fritz Ter Meer guilty of genocide, enslavement, plundering of entire countries and other war crimes [4:00:17]
2.3.18 The fate of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition after 1945 [4:00:37]
2.3.19 Why am I showing you these pictures? [4:01:17]
2.3.20 The history of the pharmaceutical cartel from World War 2 to today [4:02:02] 1956: The technocrats of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition are back in power [4:02:02] The “Brussels EU” is the “Central Cartel Office” from the Nazi/IG Farben war target planning [4:02:58] The “Brussels EU” construct is not a democracy but a dictatorship of economic interests [4:04:09] The real rulers show their power – 50% of our lives already “belong” to the cartel [4:04:43] European “Food Safety Agency” – Operational platform of the pharma cartel to eliminate unwelcome competition for the pharma business [4:05:30] The “chemo” business as a strategic element of economic and political control [4:06:32] The political function of the cancer epidemic [4:09:45]
2.3.21 Europe’s submission to the pharmaceutical-chemical cartel [4:10:32] The financial “testimony” of entire economies is a prerequisite for the establishment of a political dictatorship of these economic interests [4:10:32] Observe developments from the point of view of fundamental democratic rights [4:11:02]
2.3.22 Quotes, documents, deeds & legislation [4:11:37] Gerard Batten on 4/7/2018 in a debate on Europe [4:15:06] One of the oddities of the Brussels EU… [4:16:07] Jean-Claude Juncker . The European Commission is not a European government [4:20:51] Helmut Schmidt at ZEIT Economic Forum: “We are on the eve of a possibility of revolution in Europe…” [4:20:59] Horst Seehofer: Those who decide are not elected and those who are elected have nothing to decide [4:21:37]

2.4 If you want a real global and political world order… [4:22:26]
2.4.1 Did Hitler want to attack America? [4:22:26]
2.4.2 Angela Merkel: “We have surrendered loud sovereignty to the European Commission [4:23:02]
2.4.3 Peter Weber in conversation with Dr Hans-Georg Maaßen: How political decisions are made [4:23:59]
2.4.4 Quotes, documents, deeds & legislation [4:27:38] One people, one empire, one leader – One people, one empire, one euro [4:27:38] High Finance, Banks, Corporations + Government = Fascism [4:27:43] Did the Nazis also plan a European Union? [4:28:07] …A ring to subjugate them, find them all, drive them into darkness and bind them forever… [4:28:55] Definition of “human” – “person” [4:28:59] DER SPIEGEL – Good Morning, Europe [4:29:25] DER SPIEGEL – The NEW Europe [4:29:29] Europe: Many tongues in voice [4:29:44] – Tower of Babel [4:29:50] The EU and the Vatican [4:30:00]

3.1 The Rothschild Control Part I [4:30:55]
3.1.1 Banks owned by the Rothschilds [4:31:42]
3.1.2 Is the Rothschild dynasty the most powerful family on earth? [4:34:57]
3.2 Rothschild Control Part II [4:35:47]
3.3 Quotes, Documents, Deeds & Legislation [4:44:10]

4.1 Article 139 of the Basic Law (Liberation Article) states that Germans are to be denazified [4:48:28]
4.2 The 2+4 Treaty was concluded under deception [4:48:43]
4.3 The FRG is not a state and must get off German soil [4:49:02]
4.4 Donald Trump at press conference with Angela Merkel [4:52:29]
4.5 Vladimir Putin: “Of course everyone sees what is happening” [4:52:44]
4.6 Yevgeny Fedorov: “The liberation of Germany can happen at any moment…” [4:53:02]
4.7 Basic Law Article 146 – ACTION BLUE POINT [4:53:35]